Participation in the draw for ticket purchase rights for the games played in Tampere has ended.

If you have participated in the draw, you will receive an email from us at the end of September if you have won the ticket purchase rights or are offered alternative day tickets.

If you don’t win in the draw, we will send you an email when you have an opportunity to buy the tickets on 16.–20.10.2021.

This is how the draw proceeds:
• 27–28.9. Conducting the draw and informing participants in the draw
• 30.9.–15.10. Redemption of ticket purchase rights won in the draw
• 16.–20.10. Opportunity to buy tickets for those who have not been entitled to buy desired tickets in the draw
• 21.–25.10. Opportunity to buy tickets for everyone in the draw
• 27.10. Day tickets for Tampere games on open sale, if there are tickets left
• Read more about ticket draw FAQ

Inquiries about the ticket draw:

Day tickets for the games played in Helsinki and VIP packages now available!

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